Adventures in Blogging

Lena Gott

Traffic Transformation Guide

21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17K to 400K+ in 10 Months

Lena Gott

Traffic & Monetization Mini Challenge

a 5-day challenge to give you little boosts of traffic & income!

Lena Gott

Ebook & Optin Freebie Templates with Writing Prompts

The hard work is done for you! Download these fill-in-the-blank ebook & optin freebie templates and customize them in minutes.

Lena Gott

Ebook Creation Guide

Creating an ebook doesn't have to be difficult. Here's your step by step guide to getting it done so you can have an extra income stream!

Lena Gott

Master Pinterest Keywords Tracking Spreadsheet + Training Video

Steal my Pinterest keyword tracking worksheet + training video to make the most of every pin you create.

Lena Gott

How to Successfully Organize a Blog with Multiple Topics

How to take your blog from a hot mess to an organized dream (including step-by-step instructions to fix a disorganized blog)