Adventures in Blogging

Lena Gott

Traffic Transformation Guide

21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17K to 400K+ in 10 Months

Lena Gott

Traffic & Monetization Mini Challenge

a 5-day challenge to give you little boosts of traffic & income!


Income & Traffic Boost Bundle

Use these guides to boost your blog's traffic & income this year!

Lena Gott

Blogging Budget Spreadsheet + Training Video

Grab the comprehensive BLOG BUDGET so you can manage your blog finances like a pro!

Lena Gott

Adventures in SEO

An amazingly detailed course all about dual Pinterest & Google keyword research & optimization. Let's create a sustainable long term traffic strategy that gets results + won't drive you crazy.

Lena Gott

FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

Three practical ways to virtually guarantee more traffic to your blog (with examples from my own blog!)