Hey there! I'm so glad you're interested in becoming an Adventures in Blogging affiliate!

I am accepting affiliates and there are currently two tiers of affiliates...one for students and one for non-students.   


  • Students are considered SUPER AFFILIATES and earn 40% commission for every sale. 
  • Non-students earn 20% commission for every sale. 
  • Unless otherwise noted, ALL products are eligible for affiliate payout.  Exceptions occur when I am initially launching a course. 
  • Cookies are based on 1st link clicked and last for 30 days HOWEVER... (and this is a big deal).....
  • Once you refer someone with your affiliate link and they actually register on Adventures in Blogging (which they have to do in order to download a freebie or purchase a product), your name will be FOREVER attached to their account. Which means when they buy another product in the future (even if it's one month, one year, or three years in the future), you will get affiliate credit! :D This is an amazing feature for us all, and I'm so glad to be able to offer it to you. Hint: This puts priority of first registration - get the registration and you will get the most commission!
  • You can’t earn commission on your own purchases. If you believe you have done this in error, please let me know so I can reverse the amount. 
  • Always disclose our affiliate relationship, whether you are posting on your blog, sending an email, or posting on social media. Disclosure should precede the affiliate link.
  • Payouts occur within 30 days after month end. So, for instance, this means that any commissions you earn in August will be paid out by September 30th. 
  • All payouts are made via PayPal.


I actively support my super affiliates by providing images, email copy, promo codes, and anything else they need to successfully promote Adventures in Blogging products. 

We have a private Facebook group where we can brainstorm collectively, and I have also created a training center where you can access promotional ideas, images, and more.

The Affiliate Training Center is set up as a course on this platform so you can easily walk through the steps & access everything you need. 

This is the course page >> 

Once you are approved as a super affiliate, you will receive access to all of these resources and an invite to the Facebook group. 


Please email me at admin@whatmommydoes.com to request to be upgraded to affiliate status. We process new affiliate requests once a month.

Please note that if you initially sign up as a non-student affiliate, you must request an upgrade to 40% commission once you enroll in a paid course. This is not done automatically. So please email us at admin@whatmommydoes.com when you need an upgrade and we will do our best to process your upgrade within a week.